Easy to Locate

We are located at the primary location beside the highway and it would be easy for you to locate it whenever you are back from a long day or getting some directions from other places.

Nearby Shopping Malls

You would not scratch your head again where to find shopping malls, since our location is nearby on those establishments, it would only take 5 - 6 minutes to get there.

Creative Interior Design

Our most best discretion are in the interior design of our guesthouse, we make sure that the design would be intuitive and simple enough to cater your needs and make you feel like you are in home.

Food and Lifestyle

Our location is nearby restaurants and other good places where you can feel that you are still in your home place because it has variety of places that you can easily adopt because of the culture.

Friendly Environment

We have the friendliest staff that would cater your needs and allow you to get more comfortable with the place and fully assist you on your stay in guesthouse and here in Cebu City.